Theme for Twelve

Remixed by Ben Dawson Punshon
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Hi there

It has been eight years since I uploaded the embarrassing "Howell and his Synth Orchestra" mix to the site; I was 13, impatient, and crudely recorded the file on a MP3 microphone... Hell, I edited it using "Windows Sound Editor" on a Windows XP operating system.

Now at the age of 21, I have a lot more experience with recording, editing and sequencing, and I wish to at least soften the embarrassment that was my last attempt with this... So now a little bit about it.

With Peter Capaldi as the Doctor now, I keep hearing of the show going in a more gothic direction influenced by Tom Bakers' peak years in the show. So I wanted to do a version of the theme that would fit with the "gothic" tone I would like to see the show go into. As such, this version starts off with an orchestral vibe (though nothing too bombastic), before shifting into an otherworldly electronic dominance.

Some influences include the theme that played over the 50th Anniversary trailer, the theme used for Series seven, and the version recorded by the Emporio Ensemble.

I hope you all enjoy this one more than the last!

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