Am I a Good Man?

Remixed by Dalekium
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I don't know about you guys but I am reaaaally excited for Series 8 and Capaldi's Doctor. And since in the past few weeks I've had a bit more free time I've been able to create this little beauty that I'm really happy with. My favourite bit is at 2:07.

This was originally going to be called "Neptune Calling" as the wind effect that runs through the entire piece (and concludes it really nicely) is an audio recording from NASA's Voyager of the planet Neptune. Drawing a lot from Howell's version of the theme, the intention was to create a theme that was dark but without sacrificing the strong beat we can expect to find in the bassline. The [very recently] released teaser featuring Capaldi's Doctor asking "Am I a good man?" to Clara just seemed so wonderfully fitting, particularly considering the promise of Capaldi really bringing about a different incarnation of the Doctor.

Hope you all enjoy! :)

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