Ghosts In The Machine

Remixed by Lee Giles
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My second attempt at a Doctor Who theme 'remix' involves two seperate attempts that I decided to fuse together. The first had dirtier, more distorted sounds and simple timecloud effects courtesy of distortion applied to a lower octave bassline, which created a regular hiss/pop noise that was pleasantly rhythmic.

The second piece was quieter with melodies made using an old Yamaha PSR-73 put through some overdrive plus delay and digital reverb with the attack taken out of the mix. The bridge in this version was quieter, more distant and quite ghostly. I kept this version higher in the mix.

The fusion of the two made the bassline deeper and heavier and the overall sound quite spacious and full. I'm happy with it, though it is *very slow* still. The main melody and the answer to it are a little bit innacurate - an alternate way of playing it that crops up occasionally, like on the TVM, for example.

Hope someone likes it. A faster, more accurate version is on the cards now. Phew.
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