Retrial of a Timelord

Remixed by Mutagene
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Thought I'd have one last stab at a somewhat faithful arrangement of the theme before hearing Murray Gold's definitive new version. Inspired by James Dunbar's Argolis arrangement, I wanted mine to be pretty minimal.. but then I got distracted by my new toys (Macomate and impOSCar) and decided to throw in a little bit of flavour from (well, inspired by, anyway) the often, and IMO unfairly, maligned Dominic Glynn version. An all-nighter later...

Unfortunately, because the main instruments are so minimal, the mix is really short on the high end of the spectrum.. but, well, that's it for now. If I make a nice whistle patch I guess I might go back and try to add a bit of breath to open up the mix a bit.

EDIT: 2005/03/11 - Made a few minor changes to the mix. The old version is available here.
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