Derbyshire 1980 - Opening Mix

Remixed by Marinedalek
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I made this mix for two reasons, 1. For the challenge of replicating
the 1968/1970 spangles, 2. I have too much spare time.
The spangles are the main changed element in this mix. I decided not
to take the “easy” route of filtering them out of the 1968 theme, but
instead to synthesise them as best I could with the CS-80V – after
all, the idea of the original mix was to make as much of it as
possible on the CS-80V. To do this I used a simple triangle-wave
pulse, played by the arpeggiator. This played a fast 3-note downwards
sequence over and over and provided the basic sound for the spangle. I
then used the ribbon controller to change the pitch “live” and
recorded the results into Sound Forge. Once there, I applied various
echos and reverbs and some heavy re-equalisation. Once I was happy
with the results I treated my original mix with a delay-echo and
dynamic compression to bring it in line with the 1970s theme (I even
added a stutter start). Some extensive rearranging and a heavier
delay-echo brought the repeated loop at the end into existence, and I
mixed this onto the end of the track, adding some treated noise over
the top of the join, as in the 1970 version. The pre-prepared spangles
were all that remained to be added, and I placed them as close as I
could to those on the original track.

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