Doctor Who 1991-2005

Remixed by Steve Titford
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This 2005 version actually started life when I recorded it 1991 aged
just 11! Growing up in a high-tech musical family had a profound
effect on me. When I should have been playing with Action Man
figures I was messing around on my Atari running Cubase, Roland
JX-8P, ESQ-1, Akai S700 and Fostex 8-Track – lucky boy! The only
thing I sampled was the ‘electronic scream’ used at the beginning of
the Peter Davison theme. I recently dug out my ‘Doctor Who 1991’
tape, played it into Logic and added some instrumental and processor
enhancements. So there you are – a version that took 14 years to
complete! Hope you like it.

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