Derbyshire 1980 - Confidential Mix

Remixed by Marinedalek
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I did this mix for a bit of fun really, it uses the D1980 bassline and melody, rearranged in the style of the Doctor Who Confidential music. Over this I added new melody and bass synths performed “live” on the CS-80V.
On the original Confidential theme there is a rising sound effect at the beginning, and I thought it would sound good as a “spangle”, so I made a new spangle in the usual way and mixed it in at the start. I used an alternative spangle with heavy echo added at the end of the track to aid the closing note.
To make the ending seem more prominent I added an effect I made for another mix. It’s the thunderbolt effect from a “Pilot” mix of D1980 that I haven’t realeased, simply because it’s very similar to the original D1980.
On the front of the mix I added a vague attempt at a cliffhanger scream, but it didn’t come out too well. I hope you like this mix, it’s very short but size isn’t everything…

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