Howell-esque Guitar

Remixed by Howellmixwho
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Here is my guitar only, semi serious version of a Howell-esque opening theme tune. I
have only just got my new ten track, so please dont be too harsh, an updated more
polished and decent version will be submitted within a couple of weeks, I intend to
add some spangles and screams etc filtered out from the real soundtrack and then
overdubbed into my studio mix etc. The tempo will be sorted too. This is just my
first attempt at playing the tune which only took me an hour or two (And from ear
too, as I dont have the sheet music at present) but I like the guitars and the rough
feel to the version…kinda rough around the edges lik ethe original 1963 version.
Though nowhere near as accomplished.

However, all things considered (especially the lack of a genuine score) not
completely awful?

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