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Very tenuously a whomix, I started this mix to test out a vst effect I made (macomate, see Then I got distracted by this and that, borrowed an idea from Jiggity and had a bit of fun. It's not going to fill dance floors and I'm not even sure if it is close enough to the who theme to post, really, but I figured I'd let the listener decide rather then just leave it on my hard drive to age. Anyway, it's been a month (to the day!) since a new mix appeared on whomix.

Edit: Well, I couldn't stand the drums all being in mono and having no high end, so I redid it with brighter, stereo drums. The old version can still be found here.

Edit 2: Updated so that the bass drum doesn't drown out the bassline (I think, I'm mixing on headphones so I'm not totally confident about the mix), as per DB's comment.
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