Anniversary Themes are Cool

Remixed by Eaglestriker
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Hello Whomixers!

Well, I promised myself I would give this up, but I was extremely bored and, frankly, I missed it!

Listening to the most recent revamp by Mr M. Gold, it struck me how much of that theme could essentially be replicated in GarageBand (without a great deal of meticulousness, admittedly) - which led to what I intended to be a little experiment to turn into this, my post-Whomix retirement one-off submission in the form of an Opening & Closing Theme compilation - a sort of spiritual follow-up to my last entry 'Extended Themes are Cool'.

Paradoxically, I tried to stay faithful to the new version and to the elements of Delia's genius which permeated it (in certain ways that Mr Gold didn't *cough* dum-dum-de-de *cough*). Perhaps after wanting to avoid the placement of sound effects which only complimented the graphics and not really the music, it lacks oomph. But hey, times are tough, and there's simply not enough oomph to go around (certainly not from GarageBand).

I also could have done a better job at reconstructing the synthy, lead-out effect which my brother referred to as the 'sonic moo'.

80-90% of this mix was constructed in and from GarageBand. Also used was East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra (for horns and some drums) and my trusty old Yamaha PSR-1500.

(Another) big shout to Mr Danny Stewart, whose isolated scream is used here (not his actual scream - that would be weird, not to mention difficult to get hold of)!

Hope you enjoy it, despite its faults, and if you do, as always feel free to use for any projects so long as you credit me or no one!

P.S. Those yellow space clouds…in the title sequence…the old Doctors…they're there, I tells ya…staring…floating...*gets dragged away*
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