The Eleventh Hour 2013

Remixed by Danny Stewart
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In response to Murray Gold's latest revamp of the theme for the 2012 Christmas special, I wrote the following on my blog:

Murray Gold does not and never will care about the musical intricacies that go into a Doctor Who theme. When Peter Howell had to make structural changes to the theme for the purposes of creating a new opening or closing version, he put intense thought into those changes, and confined himself to working within the structural framework laid out by the original theme. Murray Gold just wants to get in and get out. He doesn't care if the cuts or edits he makes to the theme make musical sense or honor the structure of the themes that came before. He's been given a 30-second title sequence for which to make a theme, and all he cares about is making something 30 seconds long that's recognizable as the Doctor Who theme. This is why I make Murray Gold-inspired Doctor Who themes from time to time. Some of his ideas are good. Some of his sounds are good. Sometimes the feel of his theme is good. But there's more to the Doctor Who theme than just its feel. There's a legacy of musical history here that deserves to be respected and protected. My goal is to show that one does not have to negate the other. Both can be achieved at the same time.

This is what I attempted to achieve with this latest mix. I built on the version I did in 2010 (just as Murray did), but this time I toned back a lot of the modern influence and went for more atmosphere, stronger and clearer bass, and hopefully something with more of a Derbyshire feel (plus many of the same Dominic Glynn influences that feel present in Murray's latest version). All lead melody sounds and pitch bend effects were recorded on my new Prophet '08 synthesizer.
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