Doctor Who Forever

Remixed by Oddsprite
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After several enquiries about the ‘Rave’ remix of the Who theme that was
available for download on my website a while back, I have decided to produce
a new version. I feel that the original ‘Rave’ remix doesn’t quite sufficiently
demonstrate my music ability (ie I find it embarassing to listen to!).
This new version called ‘Doctor Who Forever’ is designed to be a dance remix
with emotion. I hit on a fusion of Derbishire and McCulloch. Using a McCulloch
style bassline gave the remix more pace and the Derbishire melody adds plenty
of atmosphere. I also added a howell style sound to the main melody line
and the harmony line from Cold Blood makes a return with a phasor filter
on it, however this time it plays the harmonies from my epic remix throughout
rather than just bridge sections. Also this element has a stereo echo added
to give depth.
The drum track was added and ‘stereo split’.
I recorded all the tracks using cubasis. Feedback appreciated.

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